+ OPEN CALL + WG Leaders, Alumni Coordinator

Dear AEGEEans, 

The Board of AEGEE-Budapest is announcing Open Calls for the following positions:

  • Human Resources Working Group Coordinator (1 person)
  • Public Relations Working Group Coordinator (1 person)
  • Fundraising Working Group Coordinator (1 person)
  • European Projects Working Group Coordinator (1 person)
  • European Responsible (1 person)
  • Alumni Coordinator (1 person)

The HR Working Group Coordinator’s responsibilities are:

The Human Resources Coordinator is responsible for developing the HR strategy with the Vice President for Internal Relations, and is also responsible for coordinating the HR WG to provide the human resources needed to run the association, build active members and maintain a cohesive, well-functioning, motivated team during the semester. Of course, organizing gatherings with a more relaxed tone is also essential in the team building process!

The PR Working Group Coordinator responsibilities are:

The PR middle leader is responsible for coordinating the PR WG, which aims to develop a PR strategy and promote AEGEE-Budapest’s programs and reputation locally and internationally. In addition, the members of the working group organize the promotion of all our local events and provide the appropriate materials.

The FR Working Group Coordinator’s responsibilities are:

The Fundraising Coordinator is responsible for developing the semester’s FR strategy and  for coordinating the FR WG, which aims to create the financial base necessary for the operation of the association, meeting with companies and other sponsors, and financial coordination of projects. The members of the working group are searching for grants and opportunities to establish possible new relationships in the corporate sector.

The EP Working Group Coordinator’s responsibilities are:

The European Projects (EP) working group was set up to coordinate potential applications (Erasmus + or other EU or even domestic) under the supervision of the Vice President for External Relations, to participate in its preparation and to monitor the entire life cycle of the projects. The members constantly monitor the application opportunities and cooperate in the implementation of the programs and trainings. Within the working group you can gain a lot of useful knowledge, as well as learn about our plans that are already underway.

The European Responsible’s responsibilities are:

The European Responsible’s duties are finding various international trainings, conferences and opportunities, as well as opportunities organized by Erasmus+ and AEGEE-Europe. Their activities also include posting events suitable for the members in Facebook groups, as well as editing and sending out international newsletters. 

The Alumni Coordinator’s responsibilities are:

After the improvement of the virus situation the organization of an Alumni Evening per year, participation in the organization of an Alumni Gala to be held later, and sharing of knowledge with the Board in connection with other topics that may arise. Their responsibilities also include maintaining and updating the list of Alumni members, and maintaining the Facebook groups created for Alumni.

The ideal candidate was an active member of AEGEE-Budapest or even held a Board position, and is happy to keep in touch with their former AEGEE acquaintances, but they would also like to meet new members. They would no longer take an active role and regular tasks in the organization, but in the next minimum 1 year they would be glad to help as an Alumni Coordinator.

Application for the positions above:

Application for the positions is available via sending an email to board@aegee-budapest.hu. The email should contain the applicant’s motivational letter (who they are, why they are adequate for the role).

The positions are going to be decided by the Board in private and the members will be notified about the results in email.

Please send your applications to board@aegee-budapest.hu until the 7th of February (Sunday) 2021 midnight (23:59 CET)!

In case of any question, don’t hesitate to contact us at the above mentioned email address.

Best regards,
The Board