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Results of the Open Calls

Dear AEGEEans, We are pleased to announce the results of the Open Calls announced in January 2021, based on the decision of the Board made on February 8, 2021: Erasmus Projects Working Group Leader: Bálint Caesar  European Responsible: Laura Sági  Fundraising Working Group Leader: Lili Szumutku  Human Resources Working Group Leader: Réka Tóth  Public Relations Working Group Leader: Zsuzsanna Simor … Read more →

Result of the General Assembly

We are happy to announce that the new Board of 2021 spring semester had been inaugurated on the 10th of February! 🎉 President: Enikő Bianka Gurdán Treasurer: Dalma Horváth Secretary: Hajdu Leticia Vice President for Internal Relations: György Szabolcs Kiss Vice President for External Relations: Olívia Kincses Public Relations Responsible: Orsolya Babinszki We wish them a fruitful and successful semester! 🙌🏻 Read more →