Working groups

Working Groups are involved into the Weekly Meetings.


Human Resources Working Group

The task of the Human Resources leaders is mainly working out the HR strategy for the semester, besides that they are the responsible for coordinating the HR WG, which main target is to obtain enough people for the association functioning, as well as team-building and maintaining a converging team, with full of motivation.

For this, members of the Working Group train themselves in different zones within HR, but naturally there are programs in relaxing tones for the harmony.


Public Relations Working Group

The task of the PR leaders is coordinating the PR WG, which is aiming for orgainizing the recruitment of new members, working out PR strategy, get in touch with members and the media and vulgarizing AEGEE domestically and abroad. In favor of this, during the whole semester the leaders grant the appearance of the assocaition in plenty of events, like summer festivals, Sziget, EFOTT as well as on exchanges. Over and above the WG members organize the promotion for our every local events and provide the required materials.


Fund Raising Working Group

The task of the FR leaders is coordinating the FR WG, working out FR strategy, which purpose is to provide us with the necessary financial background for functioining adequately, as well as contacting with companies and sponsors and synchronising the financal needs of projects.

In order to do this, members looking for competitions, and seek the possibilities for making new contacts with sponsors.