About us

One of Europe biggest student association

AEGEE-Budapest is one of the most populated student association in the capital. It provides exchanges, thematic trainings, conferences, summer universities and more countless type of events for their members. If you miss something from your student life,  do not hesitate, come to our local events and have a closer look on how our association functioning. Here, you are not only a member of a fascinating society but also you can discover Europe!

AEGEE-Budapest history was started in the 1990’s, when it was founded on the Eastern side of the Iron Curtain firstly for AEGEE-Europe’s local organisation, like a pioneer. Since the formation, it hosted prestigious events, like the 1991’s AGORA, which meant to conduct a 600 people’s conference. This performance was repeated 4 years later, but in the meantime the association organised a few more international events.

The current organizational form is since 2005, from the time when it is officially bears the name of Európai Hallgatók Hálózatának Egyesülete. Since then, AEGEE-Budapest became the third biggest local association of AEGEE. Members come from different areas, like economist, engineer, BA, computer scientist or even graduated students. One is for sure, you can find tasks and possibilities for your interests. Besides that, as a member of AEGEE-Budapest,  you can participate in international events and also attend in the life of the local part.

Working group meetings and community programs are held on every week. And there are events throughout the weekend  twice a year in a semester: the freshman camp and a 3-day training program. So you not only develop professionally, but also gather new friends in a super recipient community.

Besides all these you can take part in organising international events held by AEGEE-Budapest, make minor jobs from working groups or just have your own idea and actualize it. AEGEE-Budapest is open for new ideas and proposals, so if you want to be the part of the organization, you can form it to your liking.