What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ is an educational, juvenile and sport program by European Union run for 2014-2020.

It clamps 7 former EU support programs in one complex project, like Fiatalok Lendületben Program.

The Erasmus+ educational and training section is coordinated by Tempus Public Foundation, the National Institute for Family, Youth and Population Policy Erasmus+ Juvenile Programoffice is the  juvenile section’s national office.

Who is Erasmus+ for?

The program gives the opportunity for students, volunteers, youngsters, adult students, teachers, educators, trainers, juvenile employees, colleagues working in educational or training associations. Competitions can be present by institutions, organisations, individual participation come true through these.

Here come into play AEGEE:

You can apply on various trainings with AEGEE-Budapest, which about you can read in our weekly newsletter.