AEGEE-Budapest, as AEGEE local antenna from Budapest is represented in plenty of European level events. Anybody, who is a member, can attend on these events and the associaton can support you financially until a certain limit.


AEGEE most important event, Agora is held once a semester, where 600 youngsters gathering from Europe to make decisions about the future of the association. During the 3-4 days every main topic, for functioning smoothly will be discussed. Attend on an Agora is a lifetime experience, because you can make decisions about a huge organization with half thousand people like you.

European Planning Meeting (EPM)

European Planning Meeting (EPM),  which is also 3-4 days, is being held once a year, where the main question is AEGEE main strategic line. You have a word about what topics should be concentrated, which European policies have to be highlighted and how European decisionmakers influenced by questions about youngsters.

Network Meeting (NWM)

Network Meeting (NWM) is a go-as-you-please event, where a penetrating topic will be discussed. The Regional Training Course (RTC) and the European School, held about various topics, help to deepen a professional skill. These events are perfect to expand your acquaintanceship and to walk around a certain topic. Do you planned to develop your PR-skills? Interested what it takes to become a better HR? Apply!


Exchanges are available for every member of AEGEE-Budapest during the whole year. They usually based on tighter cooperations between 2 AEGEE antennas. With exchanges even in the middle of your semester, you can visit European cities for 3-5 days, where you are welcomed with open arms by AEGEEans over there.

Because of programs are created by youngsters like you, so you can discover your chosen place specialities, culture, hidden treasures in such a short time. Good news is that friendships don’t have to break up at the end of the tour, as you know from exchanges, we also call back our hosts to Budapest. So, if you don’t have time for travelling, don’t worry, you also have the possibilty to meet people from different countries.


Over and above there are more occasions you can apply throughout AEGEE-Budapest, professional and community events, summer universities and voluntary programs. For further details click on International Opportunities tab.