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Results of the Open Calls

Dear AEGEEans, We are pleased to announce the results of the Open Calls announced in January 2021, based on the decision of the Board made on February 8, 2021: Erasmus Projects Working Group Leader: Bálint Caesar  European Responsible: Laura Sági  Fundraising Working Group Leader: Lili Szumutku  Human Resources Working Group Leader: Réka Tóth  Public Relations Working Group Leader: Zsuzsanna Simor … Read more →

Incoming Exchange with AEGEE-Moskva and AEGEE-Ljubljana

In the autumn of 2018, AEGEE-Budapest got in touch with several antennas, or they were picked up by us. Then the Board agreed with AEGEE-Moscow and AEGEE-Ljubljana to organize Exchanges with them in March 2019. Exchange is an event between two antennas, where the members of the antenna visit each other, showing each other’s city, culture, food, history. When we… Read more →

Roundtable discussion of populism

Our latest event organized by AEGEE-Budapest’s very own „Get Involved!” Project explored the topic of populism. Approximately 50 students from different universities and academic fields attended the event. The discussion was part of the lecture series preceding the Franck Biancheri Award winner Conference  “Education for the present, Democracy for the future” organized in April by the Budapest antenna, the Civic… Read more →