Erasmus+ – Powering Youth Entrepreneurial Potential

Powering Youth Entrepreneurial Potential” is a two-stage international youth exchange project which aims to gather 32 young people from 4 countries (Germany, Armenia, Hungary and Georgia) and empower them with entrepreneurial attitudes and mindset.


Unemployment has been identified as a big concern in Europe and beyond. Today’s world is marked by widespread focus on economic development, technological advancement and global integration. Yet, we still witness widespread unemployment, especially among young people who are left outside the prosperity loop and who find it more and more difficult to access ever-changing labor markets.


Overall aims & Objectives:

The main aim of this two-stage Youth Exchange is to create a platform and a process where young people experience empowerment themselves and are equipped to empower others in their communities through exchange of ideas, stories, attitudes, techniques and tools that promote entrepreneurial spirit and skills of young people in general and marginalized youth among refugees/asylum seekers and migrants in particular.


Objectives of the first stage: Weekend Web Conference (October 2018)

  • Explore the concept of self-employment and achieve a common understanding of youth employability.
  • Analyze the current situation of young people today especially marginalized youth among refugees/asylum seekers and migrants and understand their hopes, dreams fears and barriers for their personal development.
  • Form teams from participants to do research and observation in their local communities after they return in order to find useful insights and opportunities for entrepreneurship


Objectives of the second stage: Youth Exchange Activity in Armenia (8-17 December 2018)

  • Gather insights, learning, inspirations and experience of participants from their local communities and translate them into concrete project ideas.
  • Equip participants with knowledge and skills in the field of project management in order to enable them to develop quality youth projects.
  • Identify existing resources for the young entrepreneurs and share know how on social enterprises to link youth among refugees/asylum seekers and migrants with business and entrepreneurship.
  • Promote Erasmus + Programme and explain how young people especially marginalized youth among refugees/asylum seekers and migrants can be involved in it.
  • Develop concrete business ideas and entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • Transfer skills and knowledge by developing and publishing online the “Catalog of Youth Entrepreneurship Ideas and Initiatives”


The Youth Exchange will be based on non formal learning methods and principles, intercultural dialogue and communication in including group discussions, interactive presentations, participant’s lead workshops, etc. Youthpass tool will be used throughout the project to help young people reflect regularly on their personal learning journeys. The methodology of the project will stimulate active participation and sense of initiative and involvement of the learners. It aims to create a learning space with better self-awareness and awareness of the needs and goals of the groups of young people they work with to enhance the results of the learning process and give birth to high quality projects led by the participants in the future.


32 Participants

  • Citizens of Germany, Armenia, Hungary & Georgia  (6 participants +2 group leaders per country)
  • Age limit: 20-30
  • Gender balance: Equal number of male and female participants will be invited.
  • Priority given to participants with fewer opportunities.
  • Be committed to attend the full duration of the course and implement follow up and dissemination activities after the project.
  • Preferable: ability and willingness to contribute to lead a session or facilitate a group activity


The location and the date for the exchange:

Activity 1 – Youth Exchange, YerevanArmenia, 8-17 Dec 2018
Info-pack_Powering Youth Entrepreneurial Potential
Free participation; Travel reimbursement up to 360€.
Deadline: 30.08.2018 23:59 CET – EXTENDED



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