Erasmus+ – Race for Tolerance

About the Project

Tolerance is not only a slogan but also an ideology, maybe even a religion. Definitions shift over the centuries, people tend to see the term from different angles. But it remains at the center of each democratic order, it proves as the main ingredient of durable peace, and it is also a very good way of saving energy and focusing on the important. For anyone who wants to know more, we could say ―google it!‖ … but we say … ―Explain it to others!‖, ―YOU, bring tolerance to the people‖. This is what this youth exchange is about.

We are calling all interested partners to join us in an endeavour of squaring the circle of the youth exchange objectives and meeting the ultimate goal of dissemination. We invite you to bring together the most clever and daring of your participants and join us in a small adventure. Participants will learn together what tolerance means to them. They will develop and teach each other methods how to create tolerance in your own surrounding. They will reach out to people, organizations and institutions that also strive for tolerance, either for themselves, for others or to promote it among each others. And then we will bring it out on the road and to the people in a Tolerance Race.
At the same time we are going to train intensively with theater methods, how to develop self esteem and self-reliance, group dynamics and individual appeal at the same time. And at the end of the youth exchange we will show the world the ideas we developed – in a public demonstration in Bremen.

We will stage this adventure two times – once in Bremen, Germany, in August 2018 and once in Newcastle, U.K. together with Human Family Foundation in October 2018.


40 Participants

  • Citizens of Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Romania, Malta, UK  (5 participants per country)
  • Age limit: 20-30
  • Gender balance: Equal number of male and female participants will be invited.
  • Priority given to participants with fewer opportunities.
  • Be committed to attend the full duration of the course and implement follow up and dissemination activities after the project.
  • Preferable: ability and willingness to contribute to lead a session or facilitate a group activity


The location and the date for the exchanges:

APV – Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, 21-23 Sept, 2018


Activity 1 – Youth Exchange, Bremen, Germany
Application has closed.


Activity 2 – Youth Exchange, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, 18-27 Nov, 2018
More information: Click HERE
Free participation; Travel reimbursement up to 275€.
Deadline: continuous


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