Erasmus+ – Utopia, country of my dreams [ENG]

Utopia, country of my dreams” is an international Youth Exchange for 33 people from different countries with the aim to find an own comfortable country of dream, own Utopia in our fast change world.


About the project
The youth exchange help participants to feel secure in a world with all the risks (studying possibilities, unemployment, migration risks etc.). They find their place in a world, feel reliable and confident and face their fears coming out of bias and prejudices. Participants will create the idea and visualisation of the Utopia – a country of dreams. Through discussions about dilemmas connected to world and create an interactive representation of Utopia, they would like to live in. Evenings will be about interactive presentations of local problems and successful ways to solve them in each country. The project disseminates the ideas of tolerance, freedom, respect to human rights, and encourages critical thinking.

25 Participants

  • Citizens of Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Turkey and Hungary  (6 participants per country)
  • Age limit: 17-26 (group leader 18-29)
  • Gender balance: Equal number of male and female participants will be invited.
  • Priority given to participants with fewer opportunities.
  • Be committed to attend the full duration of the course and implement follow up and dissemination activities after the project


Activity – Youth Exchange, Adamov, Czech republic, 2-13 Dec, 2019
Application: HERE
More information: Infopack
Free participation; Travel reimbursement up to 180€
Deadline: 15.09.2019 23:59 CET LENGTHENED


Only AEGEE-Budapest members can apply and attend on the event. To became members, click HERE.


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