Erasmus+ – For a sustainable future! [ENG]

For a sustainable future” is a double international Youth Exchange project that aims to involve 28 participants aged between 20 and 30 from different countries to strengthen young people’s awareness about
sustainability and create innovative forms of consumption and production respective of the environment and human rights.

About the project: 
The challenge of humanity in the 21st century is to satisfy the needs of the global population within the planet’s resources. This challenge requires especially the education and the sensitization of young people, as well as their innovative and creative capacity. This challenge is also very relevant for young European citizens.


The main purpose of this international exchange of young people is to create an intercultural experience in which young people from different countries become aware of the social and environmental impact of their
consumption and the importance of sustainability, and then develop concrete proposals that can be realised by the young participants or by the project partner organizations at the end of the exchange. This objective will be achieved by comparing the situations in different countries and looking for proposals that can be applied across the countries involved and, more generally, among European countries.


28 Participants

  • Citizens of Germany, Italy, Hungary and Portugal  (7 participants per country)
  • Age limit: 20-30
  • Gender balance: Equal number of male and female participants will be invited.
  • Priority given to participants with fewer opportunities – like people with economical obstacles or NEET or unemployed
  • Be committed to attend the full duration of the course and implement follow up and dissemination activities after the project.
  • Applicants who apply for both activities will be accepted with a higher chance
  • Preferable: participant’s interest in Human Rights Education and Environment


The first activity of the project will take place in Italy-Turin (15 – 22 July 2019) to start exploring the theme of the project, focusing on the challenges of sustainability and the impact of young people’s consumption in environmental and social terms. During the meeting activities will carried on thanks to:

– Non-formal activities
– The reading of some abstracts from the book “Doughnut Economy”
– The meeting with some local experiences
– Contribution of participants

In Turin the accommodation will be in Hostel

IMPORTANT! Between 17 to 21 July the program will be NOT in Turin, but 1 hour far from it in a Camp related with Sustainability. The Camp is pre organised and part of a bigger project.  During the 4 days in the camp, everything will be provided (sleeping bags, mattresses, tents, etc. – but it is possible to sleep inside at the training venue)

Between the first and the second phase, the participants will have to do research in their local communities to find positive experiences of their territory to share with the other participants in the next mobility.

The second activity of the exchange will take place in Germany – Leipzig (21-28 October, 2019) to share the experiences found, meet concrete examples of entrepreneurship or activities that focus on sustainability in the area and create new initiatives or forms of enterprises to be tested and disseminated at the end of the exchange.


Activity 1 – Youth Exchange, Turin, Italy, 15-22 July, 2019
Application: HERE
More infoInfopack – Italy
Free participation; Travel reimbursement up to 275€.
Application deadline: 12.06.2019 23:59 – EXTENDED


Activity 2 – Youth Exchange, Leipzig, Germany, 21- 28 October, 2019
Application: HERE
More infoInfopack – Germany
Free participation; Travel reimbursement up to 275€.
Application deadline: CONTINUOUS


Only AEGEE-Budapest members can apply and attend on the event. To became members, click HERE. You can do it later, after the selection.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. For info: