NGOs/CSOs Skills Enhancement in the Western Balkans and Moldova [ENG]

Enhancement in the Western Balkans and Moldova” is an international Visegrad funded project with 9 partner organisations. The project will increase citizen-led professional democratic participation in public discussions and increase their professional reflection on the future of Europe in the six Western Balkan countries and Moldova.

The project will enhance the soft skills of the CSO/NGO community from the six Western Balkan countries and Moldova to increase citizen-led professional democratic participation in public discussions and increase their professional reflection. The project will train members of the CSO/NGO in each of the seven project countries on project management skills. That will enable mentioned professionals to use these skills in their home regions to seek a positive change, cooperate more with the European Union and participate in debates about the future of the EU and Western Balkans and Moldova.

Duration of the project January 24 – November 11, 2022

Montenegro (Nikšić)March 14 – 15
Serbia (Belgrade)April 11-12
Albania (Tirana)April 29-30
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)May 7-8
North Macedonia (Skopje)May 26-27
Kosovo (Prishtina)May 30 – 31
Moldova (Chisinau)June 16-17
Montenegro – Summer School (Kolašin)September 5-9
Final Online event12.10.2022 

Represented associations:

  • Humanity in Action – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Institute of Central Europe – Poland
  • ALFA Centar – Montenegro
  • Strategic Analysis – Slovakia
  • Európai Hallgatók Hálózatának Egyesülete (AEGEE-Budapest) – Hungary
  • Be international – Czech Republic
  • IPRE – Moldova
  • Perspektiva – Albania
  • Horizon Civitas – North Macedonia
  • PASS – Serbia
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