The new Democratic Wo/Men of the Western Balkans [ENG]

The new Democratic Wo/Men of the Western Balkans” is an international Visegrad funded project with 7 partner organisations. The project aims to increase the awareness of democratic processes among youth of the Western Balkans and enhance youth participation in policy-making processes.

Throughout the project, young people will:

  • get involved in real and actual political various issues that challenge the nation,
  • solve problems faced by nations modeled by a variety of actual problems,
  • learn about the importance of leadership, organisation, and getting involved with local and national activism, and
  • adapt their knowledge and skills to be able to become an active citizen promoting democracy.

A total of 108 active and aspiring young leaders (18-30 y/o) from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia, who are high school and university students, junior/ entry-level employees working in the civil, state and business sector, will participate in three meetings (2 on-line meetings and the final event in Sarajevo) which will consist of 7 modules (2-3 per meeting):

  • introduction to democracy (political process and administration),
  • linking legislation of practice (impact of legislation to the social system, business environment, etc.),
  • local politics (vertical division of power and competencies),
  • active civil sector (human rights, watchdogs of democracy),
  • communication and campaigns (ethics and integrity, public speaking, political marketing),
  • project management (management, fundraising, stakeholders mapping),
  • critical thinking (argumentation, fake news).

Represented associations:

  • Humanity in Action – Bosnia and Herzegovina – coordinator
  • Institute of Central Europe – Poland
  • ALFA Centar – Montenegro
  • Strategic Analysis – Slovakia
  • Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia – North Macedonia
  • Európai Hallgatók Hálózatának Egyesülete (AEGEE-Budapest) – Hungary
  • Be international – Czech Republic
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