BME Model United Nations Conference 2018

We are happy to announce it, that we are one of the invited association of the BME Model United Nations Conferencewhich is hosted by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics between 5 -7 April, 2018. A model UN conference is a simulation of the United Nations organisation where students get to become representatives of the UN and discuss and debate for peace and educational betterment of students. At BMEMUN, we are formulated to inspire them to become real citizens of tomorrow who shall take responsibility and shape it thereafter. 

Reasons to attend BMEMUN 2018:

  • Develop comprehensive knowledge about various global issues
  • Fosters creative thought processes to solve problems in collaboration
  • Develop skills of negotiation, arbitration, mediation
  • Exquisite Awards
  • Amazing Socials (Delegate Dance and Cultural Extravaganza)
  • Improve Capability to understand and negotiate market values and economic impact
  • Improve communication, debating and public speaking skills
  • Improve team work and leadership skills
  • Global peer networking
Note: The conference is open to everyone. (Hungarian locals and international youngsters)
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At BMEMUN, we are formulated to inspire delegates to become responsible citizens of tomorrow.  This is an exciting opportunity to get equipped with personality development and major job related skills. At such a conference you can grow your network and at the same time polish your soft skills. Last but not the least, I cannot stress the idea of living as a global citizen that this conference inherits that makes it, an experience of it’s kind.

If you are interested in the conference, apply but contact with us too because You will be one of the participant from AEGEE-Budapest.