Enjoy Your Future – Final proposals


What do young Europeans think of the Europe’s future? What do they expect from the European Institutions? What do they demand from the European Union?

These have been the main questions that led to the implementation of the Enjoy Your Future project, realized under the Europe for Citizens program (Civil Society Projects) and with the contribution of ACMOS Association – Italy (Turin), Youth European Federalist – Italy (Rome), Európai Hallgatók Hálózatának Egyesülete – Hungary (Budapest), Jeunes Européens Fédéralistes de Belgique – Belgium (Brussels), Les Jeunes Européens France – France (Paris).


The future of Europe is in our hands!” This was the motto of the the project in which AEGEE-Budapest was a partner. The aim of the project was to involve and commit young people to the project that can influence European policies. The result of the project was to create a Proposal Booklet to the European Union how to develop it’s institutionalized system. The Booklet contains the following topics:
– integration
– youth
– work
– organised crime
– borders.