HRTC in AEGEE-Passau – Eszti Pintér

Human Resources Training Course – „Unleash Unknown Talents“


Because of the heavy snowfall I arrived in Passau one and a half hour later than planned. Since it was already night, I couldn’t see anything from the city but I knew that the city tour will compensate for it next day. During the two hour long tour we were shown the most beautiful places and buildings of the city. After, we directly went to the university to join to the other participants who arrived. The official opening of the HRTC was followed by dinner and ice-breaking games. We have to mention the famous food team of AEGEE-Passau as they were cooking for us during the whole training. We could even taste traditional German dishes, besides this they prepared breakfast and coffee breaks perfectly. In the evening, getting to know each other continued in a student pub. After a short game of billiards and some talking, everybody decided that using the last chance to sleep before the weekend would be a good idea, so we relatively soon went back to the hostel.

On Friday the professional programs began: first we talked over what is exactly the HR management and why it is important for NGOs. After this, we discussed the stages of the HR cycle, everybody could find out where she/he was standing and how should we keep the members in the loop. After lunch we participated in a workshop called AEGEE identity where we went through the topic how to gain the right members and motivate them. The last workshop of the day was about feedback: we learnt why, when, to who and how to give appropriate feedback.

hr management

Between the workshops, we had to solve small case studies, giving advice for resolving different problems of an imaginary antenna. In this way, we could practice right away what we had learnt.

After the European Night, Saturday was started a bit hard but as much as we could, we tried to wake our mind up to fully be able to take part in the workshops. They were about motivation, team work, conflict management, development and recognition of potential. We even had a presentation about a successful company called mymuesli by its HR responsible.

In the evening, travelling back to the 2000s, we could party with Erasmus students. Next day, we learned about the effective process of transferring knowledge between experienced and new members. We had to brainstorm how to solve the knowledge transfer in different situations. As for the closing of the training, we talked over how we will return to our local and use all the things we had learnt during these days.


The extremely useful and enjoyable workshops were held by Andrea Schmelz és Svenja van der Tol. They illustrated the taught things with lots of colourful materials to make the learning process easier.

We have to say a huge thanks to our awesome trainers and also to the team of AEGEE-Passau who organized this HRTC. Besides that we spent a good time together, we have learnt a lot of useful things which we will be able to use in our own local to make it even more productive.

2017.01.12-15 – Eszter Pintér