Congratulations! Kristóf Papp promoted to be one of the vice presidents of NIT!

We gladly announce, that Kristóf Papp, former president of AEGEE-Budapest, promoted to be  one of the vice presidents of National Youth Council of Hungary (NIT) after his successful appliance. We are so proud, because one of the founder NIT is our organization, and since then Kristóf represent us and AEGEE’s interests. He performs his vice duties from 2017.01.01. We would like to congratulate and wish him a successful work in the following years.


The NIT is a forum established with the goal of creating discussion among young people and their organizations as well as with domestic and international actors, decision makers and organizations. Its major objectives include providing the highest level of representation of the youth in general and their organizations in particular, participating in the formation and development of policies regarding issues related to the youth, and acting as a strong and united advocate of young people in relation to the government in power. The NIT is an umbrella organization for youth organizations operating in Hungary, aiming to improve domestic youth policy in close cooperation with Hungarian youth organizations abroad. The NIT is a democratically organized, politically independent, transparent organization that is open for organizations wishing to join.

For more information about NIT please check the following link.