European Voluntary Service – EVS


European Voluntary Service’s goal is to support youngsters inside and outside Europe for participating in voluntary activities. During the voluntary service, the volunteers will go through an intense course and will have the possibilty to meet another country and it’s culture, meanwhile developing their personality quasi insensibly. Youngsters who are 17-30 can join individually or in group to nonprofit acitivities for minimum 2, maximum 12 months.

Sender, receiver and coordiator organizations take part in this project. AEGEE is also an accredited orgainzation dealing with EVS, even a sender organisation. This means, you can apply EVS events throughout AEGEE, but it cannot undertake receiving volunteers, so AEGEE only send members.

Through Erasmus+, European Union is contributing in travel expenses for volunteering , insurance and refund the total amount of visa, moreover defines a lump sum for the project transaction, suppying and for pocket money.

In this link you can find the accounced volunteer opportunities, or join to our FB group!