+ OPEN CALL + EoT Training

Dear AEGEEans,

The Board of AEGEE-Budapest is extending the Open Call for the following positions:

  • Europe on Track: Training 4 Ambassadors main organizers (2 people)

Europe on Track: Training 4 Ambassadors

Europe on Track is an international project that has been running for several years, this year in addition to the 3 physical routes there will also be an online route. The project’s ambassadors travel around Europe to cover a specific topic, visiting schools, youth organizations and AEGEE antennas. This year, Budapest will serve as the starting point for the routes and the training location for the ambassadors between 31st May – 4th June, 2021

We are still looking for 2 enthusiastic members to organize this training.

The organizers’ responsibilities are:

  • communication with the international project team
  • providing warm meals and accommodation 
  • finding possible venues for the trainings
  • organizing programs (sightseeing, European Night etc.)

Application for the position is available via sending an email to board@aegee-budapest.hu. The email should contain the applicant’s motivational letter (who they are, why they are adequate for the role).

The positions are going to be voted by the Board in private and the members will be notified about the results via email.

Please send your motivational letters to board@aegee-budapest.hu until the 28th of March (Sunday) 2021 midnight (23:59).

In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at the above mentioned email address.

Best regards,
The Board