+ OPEN CALL + EoT main organizer, Freshman Camp main organizer, Promo team, SU main organizer [ENG]

Dear AEGEEans,

The Board of AEGEE-Budapest is announcing Open Calls for the following positions:

  • Europe on Track: Training 4 Ambassadors main organizers (3 people)
  • Freshman Camp/Afternoon main organizers (2 people)
  • Recruitment period promotion team (3 people)
  • Summer University main organizers (4 people)

Europe on Track

Europe on Track is an international project that has been running for several years, this year in addition to the 3 physical routes there will also be an online route, the project’s ambassadors travel around Europe to cover a specific topic, visiting schools, youth organizations and AEGEE antennas. This year, Budapest will serve as the starting point for the routes and the training location for the ambassadors between 8-16th April, 2021. 

We are looking for 3 enthusiastic members to organize this training.

The organizers’ responsibilities are:

  • communication with the international project team
  • providing warm meals and accommodation 
  • finding possible venues for the trainings
  • Organizing programs (sightseeing, European Night etc.)

Freshman Camp/Afternoon

Depending on the improvement of the coronavirus situation, we would like to have a Freshman Camp or afternoon again this year to help integrate new members into the organization. To accomplish this, we are looking for 2 flexible organizers.

The organizers’ responsibilities are:

The two main organizers are responsible for preparing the programs, communication and catering tasks with the support of the Vice President for Internal Relations. They are also responsible for setting up and coordinating the helper team.

Recruitment period promotion team

For the spring semester recruitment to be successful, we are looking for enthusiastic members who are willing to intensively help the organization during that month to reach as many potential new members as possible.

The promo team’s responsibilities are:

  • posting promo materials online during the recruitment period
  • writing creative  posts
  • searching for other universities Facebook groups

Summer University Core Team

According to AEGEE-Europe’s expectations, it will be possible to hold Summer Universities in the summer of 2021, therefore the Board needs an enthusiastic, creative and dedicated Core Team of organizers!

For 2021, the board is announcing the following main positions:

  • Main Coordinator: coordinator and motivator of the team
  • Incoming Responsible: keeping in contact with the participants
  • Treasurer: the event’s financial responsible 
  • Logistics Coordinator: responsible for executing the planned programs

If you are applying to be a member of the SU Core Team we would like you to include the following in your motivation letter:

  • which position(s) would you like to apply for?
  • why would you be suitable for the Core Team and the position(s)?
  • what previous experiences would help you in organizing the SU?
  • what program ideas do you have for the SU?
  • have you participated in a SU before? What conclusions can you draw from your experience there and how would you improve the quality of the events?

Application for the positions above:

Application for the positions is available via sending an email to board@aegee-budapest.hu. The email should contain the applicant’s motivational letter (who they are, why they are adequate for the role).

The positions are going to be decided by the Board in private and the members will be notified about the results in email.

Please send your applications to board@aegee-budapest.hu until the 17th of January (Sunday) 2021 midnight (23:59 CET)!

In case of any question, don’t hesitate to contact us at the above mentioned email address.

Best regards,
The Board