TNT Budapest 2019 [ENG]

Dear members!


We are happy to announce that AEGEE-Budapest will organize a TNT in Budapest.


But what is TNT?

TNT (Training New Trainers) is a week-long training event hold by AEGEE-Academy and AEGEE-Europe in order to develop the training skills of participants to be successful trainers in the future, also to be proficient in using non-formal education methodologies to make their sessions memorable, fun and interactive.

This time there will be offering to 10 motivated AEGEEans to become trainers – to understand how to create a training flow, how to design a session, what are the different learning processes and to try out different training methodologies of non-formal education.

On this 6 days long and very professional training course provided by real experts in the field (cooperation with AIESEC and Neuland) participants will learn about training designs and methods, they will be able to reflect on them-self as a trainer and you will experience trainings from another perspective!


⏲️ When: 30.9.-6.10.2019
🧭 Where: Budapest, Hungary
💰 Fee: 95€
Deadline to apply: 15.8.2019 11:59 CET (noon)
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