AGORA Salerno 2019_ENG

AGORA Salerno – Another brick off the wall

When: 23-27.10.2019
Where: Salerno, Italy
Topic: The fall of the iron curtain
Application period: 01.07.2019. – 05.08.2019.
Facebook event: Another brick off the wall

What is Agora?

The Agora is the bi-annual General Assembly of AEGEE which gathers members of all AEGEE-antennas. They decide about the future of AEGEE and choose new leaders. The Agora is a forum where opinions from all around our Network are shared. This is the biggest event in our association which is a perfect opportunity to meet with old friends and make new ones.


Application process:

❗IMPORTANT: You can only apply through the new OMS system NOT through the old Intranet!

1. Make sure you have an account in MyAEGEE;
2. Join a Body (Local or European Body) and have the board approve your joining request;
3. Click on the “Statutory listing” button and choose a “List all Statutory events” to Apply to Agora Salerno;
4. Last but not least, write a motivation letter that will make Chair Team hard to resist you.


To do so, read the handy and useful booklets Chair Team of AEGEE-Europe has prepared for you:




📩 For more information:
📝 On application process and/or MyAEGEE system, write to Chair or find help at HelpDesk.
📢 On logistics, PM Autumn Agora Salerno 2019 or send an email to Incoming


❇️ If you would like to be a Helper You have to apply HERE until 7.07.2019.


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