Wrap-up of the NWM In Zaragoza, 2018

When autumn is here, it can only mean one thing: NWMs are here! One of our members, Balázs Réti participated two weeks ago in the NWM organized by AEGEE-Zaragoza. 72 people took part in this event, the majority of them were from Spain, but there were participants from Italy, Macedonia, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Russia and Hungary. During the event tha participants engaged in a variety of workshops facilitated by La Tripulación and from the Committee Directeur, Viola. Topics such as gender theory, PR, GDPR, HR and recruitment were discussed in great details. As Balázs said: “the biggest highlights of the event were the GDPR workshop and the Project HUB session. In the former one we got a very detailed insight about what we can do at local level in order to comply with the GDPR policies. The latter was involved solving a project in smaller teams. My duty was to find some ways how to improve HR at my local. In the end we were supposed to present it to all the participant.”

Besides meaningful sessions, the participants had all the possibility to enjoy the true Spanish way of parties and they even had a paintball tournament on Saturday.












Written by Balázs Réti