Training course in Prague

One of our partners, namely FDE, shared us their experience in Prague Erasmus+.


We are living at a time when more people than ever living outside their

home country. 3.2 percent of the world’s population live outside their country

of origin. Through the years around 72 million migrants have made their home

in Europe. Just EU is home to over 33 million people born outside the EU. In

addition, there are more than 17 million citizens switched their country of birth

within the EU. Like it or not, the European societies are ethnically and culturally

mixed, and the trend is growing. But as societies are becoming more mixed,

the conflicts between the people from different nationality, religion, race,

background and etc. are increasing. This situation is increasing the demand for

extra methods, skills and tools which will be put into practice in order to

improve the communication and cooperation for peacefully living together. And

if people have positive and enriching experiences with other cultures than they

are more likely to embrace diversity.


Manual- Teaching methods in intercultural mixed areas


Main Evaluation Video


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