2019 Spring NWMs and RTCs

With great pleasure, the Network Commission is announcing the hosing locals for Spring NWMs and RTCs.

A Network Meeting gives YOU the perfect opportunity to get to know other active members of other antennae in your area and is great if you would want to become even more active! You will get together with different people from other locals and will come home with lots of ideas and maybe even start a project or a collaboration with another local 

You can apply for the autumn NWMs and RTCs. More details below:


🍍 RTC Iasi – Feel the New Wave of Change
⏲️ 2019.03.14-17.


🍍 NWM Novi Sad – Unite and feel the Might


🍍 NWM Poznań – Be the Change!
⏲️ 2019.04.04-07.


🍍 NWM Mugla


🍍 RTC Málaga
⏲️ 2019.04.11-14.


🍍  NWM Heidelberg – Tear Down Your Walls
⏲️ 2019.04.11-14.


🍍 NWM Voronezh – #3YearsChallenge
⏲️ 2019.04.18-21.