Summer Event – Aste NaguSEA: Sports, Europeans, Awesomeness


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In Basque Country, and specially in Bilbao, we usually say that the best things are left for the end. Said and done!! Anything to do in August? Getting bored at home with too much sun and not so much party?? We’ve got the best solution for you! From 18 to 22 of August come and enjoy the great week of Bilbao (#AsteNagusia), a crazy, mad and colourful week in which all kinds of activities are performed all day (and night) long (concerts, typical celebrations, fireworks, pintxos…).

But get ready for this: not only will you be enjoying the best festival ever, but also the bay of Biscay, full of magnificent landscapes and amazing beaches. And these are perfect not only for sunbathing but also for surfing and kayaking. Already curious right???

You will have the chance to surf in Sopelana, a worldwide paradise (check Maps) , do some hiking along the beautiful cliffs of Plentzia and relax, take it easy in our beaches and covers. But waitttt!! You must not forget that we keep on having awesome food, specially our selected pintxos (tapas but bigger and better) and our lovely and tasty beers, sangria and the worldwide known.


General Info

     45 participants from all over Europe plus organizers                     HOW MANY? ✱

      ✱ WHEN?                  From  Friday 18th to Tuesday  22nd of  August 2017

Bilbao, the most beautul city in the lovely Basque Country          WHERE? ✱



ONLY 75 Euros for all this amazing activities:

— 3 meals per day
— Lodging in Bilbao
— Transport during the event
— City Tour
— Beach Games
— Boat Trip
— Social program
— Trip to San Jaun de Gaztelugatxe
— Fun with 45 more participants from all over Europe, enjoying the famous AEGEE spirit and much more!
— OPTIONA FEE:15€ → Surf in Sopela, in the Bay of Bizkay!!

Don’t miss the chance and stay tuned. Savethe date from the 18th to the 22nd of August for visiting us, and YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

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How to Arrive?

Bilbao is very well-connected to the city through its half-hourly train service and three hourly buses. It’s also connected by a highway and by road.

By car

The different highways connect it to the rest of Spain and to France. Motorways A-8 and AP68 are the best access to Bilbao and surroundings


By train

Bilbao has three major train stations. The long-haul station in Abando, has daily connections to Madrid and Barcelona.  Concordia, connects Bilbao with Santander and the rest of the Cantabrian cities and the Euskotren, for regional journeys.


By bus

It is connected to all of the Spanish cities, and to most European capitals through longer trips. Besides the bus station is connected with metro, train and tram.

By plane

Bilbao airport (12 km away from Bilbao center) is directly connected to 16 national and 14 foreign cities. Santander airport, which is just 1h away, is also very well connected. In the airport you can take a bus and takes you directly to the bus station in Bilbao.