AEGEE-Porto Invicta

Esta é a tua porta de entrada para centenas de eventos na Europa com temas muito variados, desde a integração europeia a intercâmbios culturais ou simplesmente para conhecer novas cidades e novas pessoas!

Visita da AEGEE-León ao Porto, Fevereiro 2012

But what could this acronym possibly stand for? Non French speaker, abstain from asking, because the long Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l'Europe sentence is confusing even to the French. AEGEE (shortened European Students' Forum) - thanks to its complexity - is the only organisation to bring tohether all the aspirations of European youth. Travelling, meeting students from other careers, meeting youngsters from the whole European continent, practice one's English, German, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, etc. skills, get to know new languages, improve your geographical skills, break one's ignorance about the complex Eastern part of the continent and its History, learn more about European institutions, be an active citizen, foster the European identity, take responsability in the organisation of thrilling projects, have the chance to be professional before graduating, meet future civil leaders, try dozens of European foods and drinks, party until dawn, be part of a warm and fuzzy community... this is the beginning of a never-ending list. And for each member of our 6000 individuals association, a new single list.

Nolwenn Donsimoni (AEGEE-Toulouse)