Training 4 Trainers AEGEE Bucuresti

14-18 MARZO

What is T4T? T4T is organised once per year by The Academy for all AEGEEans who want to become trainers. It lasts 7 days full of training sessions, workshops dedicated on different skills. It involves 5 professional trainers and 20 participants. On the 7th day, each one of the participants will deliver their very own training, practicing the knowledge, skills and techniques they got during T4T.
T4T is designed by AEGEE-Academy to grow and contribute to spreading the non-formal educational mindset and culture inside the AEGEE Network and outside. Therefore, T4T also focus on building a strong team building approach, connecting participants to the international youth trainers’ community and having a consistent follow-up.


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AEGEE Amsterdam: Yes we care

Dal 16 al 20 febbraio AEGEE Amsterdam organizza quest’incredibile evento!
Solo 120 Euro per 5 giorni comprensivo di pernottamento in barcone, parties, 2 pasti al giorno (colazioni e cene)!
Le iscrizioni chiudono l’8 febbraio

Per maggiori info scrivici in messaggio privato o all’email


Yes we care!

What can you do for society and how? What issues are important nowadays? Discover what the possibilities are during our Event in Amsterdam.

During your stay you will both experience the culture of Amsterdam and explore your societal responsibilities during the day, and you will get to know the group with AEGEE’ers from all of Europe during the nights out. You will stay on a boat with the other participants.

What to expect?

Go Dutch:
– Ci...

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Back to the ROOTS!

WHEN: 6-8 March
WHERE: Paris, France
FEE: 55 euros
INCLUDING: food, fun, knowledge, warm beds and other surprises!
DL : 8th of february 23:59 CET

How do you perceive Europe nowadays?

Should the EU be reduced to a common currency without political governance and the implementation of a free trade area based purely on economic ambitions?  Do you want to share your opinion with 150 other students coming from all over Europe and discuss your point of view with high level politicians, including Members of the European Parliament? It’s time to hear what the Erasmus generation has to say!  AEGEE-Paris, in cooperation with the “Association des amis de Franck Biancheri”, is proud to present you their next event : Back to the ROOTS! Come back to the place AEGEE’...

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